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Position To date, progress toward rational design of catalysts and photomaterials is hampered by deficient knowledge of nanoscale dynamic materials properties and structure-property relationships under reaction conditions.

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We offer a full-time PhD-student to work on the in-situ characterization of electro- energy berlin dating app photoelectrocatalytic materials employing atomic force microscopy AFM in the liquid phase. Cutting edge AFM based methods will be applied to decipher the local morphological and electronic material proterties under reaction conditions.

These studies will be combined with catalytic reactivity and spectroelectrochemical investigations to elucidate nanoscale structure-property relationships and charge-transport phenomena at solid-liquid interfaces. In a synergistic manner, it is anticipated to translate key findings into novel strategies for designing advanced catalytic materials.

Your application Interested candidates should submit their curriculum vitae listing education, research experience, and publications, a statement on their motivation for joining the group and their career objective max.

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We particularly welcome energy berlin dating app from women. Preference will be given to handicapped applicants provided equal suitability. For reasons of data protection regulations, we are unfortunately unable to consider applications that reach us by email or by mail in the application process.

Beatriz Roldan Cuenya at the Fritz-Haber-Institute carries out cutting-edge research on advanced functional materials with applications in heterogeneous catalysis, energy conversion and electrochemistry. In particular, structure-reactivity correlations on nanostructured materials can be established, paving the way for the rational design of novel catalytic materials.

energy berlin dating app

The Department of Interface Science at the Fritz-Haber-Institut offers 1 Postdoctoral and 1 PhD position PROJECT Probing the structure of advanced materials for thermal and electrocatalysis using synchrotron radiation Synchrotron radiation facilities are powerful X-ray sources that can host numerous experimental techniques, such as X-ray spectroscopies, scattering and imaging. Unique features of synchrotron radiation, including high intensity and broad energy spectrum, make these sources ideally suited for in situ and operando investigations of advanced materials.

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A central aspect of this project is the application and development of complimentary synchrotron radiation techniques X-ray absorption spectroscopy, high-energy X-ray diffraction coupled with pair distribution function analysis, small-angle X-ray scattering that provide information about the transformations of the catalyst structure and composition on different length scales under catalytically relevant conditions.

The PostDoc position is initially limited to two years with the option for an extension. The PhD position is typically for three years.

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Experience with synchrotron-based techniques X-ray absorption spectroscopy, high-energy X-ray diffraction coupled with pair distribution function analysis or small-angle X-ray scattering is required.

Good language and communication skills in English are needed. Basic programming skills and experience and interest in data analysis and data science would be profitable. For PhD applicant: Master degree in physics, chemistry, material science or related field. Previous experience with synchrotron-based techniques X-ray absorption spectroscopy, high-energy X-ray diffraction coupled with pair distribution function analysis or small-angle X-ray scattering would be beneficial but not mandatory.

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Janis Timoshenko janis fhi-berlin. Applications will be accepted from immediately until the position is filled. We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those individuals selected for an interview will be contacted.

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Send your application as soon as possible by email to janis fhi-berlin. Therefore, applications by women are particularly welcome. Handicapped individuals are especially encouraged to apply. These applicants will männer die immer flirten given priority in the case of same qualifications.

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We handle applications electronically, observing the German data privacy laws. By sending the application, the applicant declares his or her consent.

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Berlin offers a wide variety of culture, art, music, and outdoor opportunities. The Lattice Dynamics group headed by Dr. Alex Paarmann within the Department of Physical Chemistry at the Fritz Haber Institute offers 1 PhD-position and 1 Postdoc Position on the topic Far-infrared super-resolution microscopy by FEL-based sum-frequency generation Our group: We are interested in optical phonons in polar dielectric crystals and their heterostructures, as well flirten mund at their interfaces.

We use various linear and nonlinear mid-infrared to THz spectroscopy techniques, employing the free-electron laser FEL at our institute as a unique intense and energy berlin dating app infrared to THz light source. We study various solid state, interface, and nanophotonic problems, with a particular emphasis on developing new experimental methods based on nonlinear optics.

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Apart from nonlinear spectroscopy, we recently added spatial resolution to these approaches by means of infrared-visible sum-frequency generation microscopy. Your tasks: The successful candidates will develop a energy berlin dating app experimental setup for infrared-visible sum-frequency generation wide-field microscopy employing the infrared FEL at our institute.

This encompasses single frauen ingelheim of a new high-power visible laser system, its synchronization to the FEL, as well as development of the optical microscope system.

The new SFG microscope will allow studying many problems ranging from resonant super-resolution imaging of low-dimensional nanophotonic structures to in-situ imaging of spatial energy berlin dating app in electrochemical systems.

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Experience in at least one of the areas of optical microscopy, nanophotonics, nonlinear spectroscopy, pump-probe experiments, or surface science are expected for postdocs and beneficial for PhD-students. Experimental experience is highly desired. Funding: The Post-Doc position is initially limited to one year with the option for extension.

energy berlin dating app

Your application: Post-doctoral applicants should send their letter of motivation, CV, research summary and up to 3 recommendation letters. Please send your application by email to alexander.

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