Airbus unterstützt Airlines mit speziellem Programm beim Umweltschutz

Longest single passenger flight


    It is intended to fly a single passenger or cargo along a predetermined flight path.

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    As of Februarythe program had flown more than 50 hours with the first unmanned demonstrator, Alpha One, and rolled out the second, dubbed Alpha Two. To have a fully functional and useful UAM aircraft, Airbus will develop and install land pads, create an app for on-demand air mobility, use obstacle avoidance sensors, use artificial intelligence AI and more.

    Using Distributed Electric Propulsion DEP allows for a better ride for passengers because the aircraft can detect and immediately change the speed of each propeller independently longest single passenger flight compensate for gusty winds and therefore, keeping the aircraft more stable while in flight.

    longest single passenger flight

    DEP also provides multiple other advantages to aircraft such as, lower annual fuel costs, an extremely maneuverable aircraft, a much quieter aircraft for people outside and inside the aircraftno emissions, lower weight gas engines, shafts and transmissions are very heavy and are not needed on electric aircrafteliminates all fluids no hydraulic fluid, brake fluid, oil, anti-wear fluids and other additives, coolant, or gashigher reliability, lower cost to operate, more compact, higher efficiency, longest single passenger flight start-up and shut-down of motors, lower manufacturing and maintenance costs, reduces complexity, and safety through redundancy for its passengers.

    One example of the importance of reducing fluids in aircraft is that engine oil fumes are a source of carbon monoxide. When these fumes enter the cabin, it has been reported that oil fumes can cause dizziness, nausea, disorientation, blurred vision, and other health problems.

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    And reducing fluids also means reducing the cost of manufacturing the aircraft, maintaining the aircraft and another benefit of fluid reduction, is there will be no oil or gas leaks. The vehicle uses eight 60 hp 45 kW motors situated on forward and rear tilt-wings.

    Approximately one-third of its mass is its swappable batteries lb, kg which were developed by Airbus Defence and Space. Its sensor suite employs forward camera, a downward camera Lidar system and radar. It has a crash rated seat and a ballistic parachute intended to work even at a low altitude.

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