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    Read the general availability announcement Click-to-Deploy Solutions A rich library of click-to-deploy Terraform stacks that provides fully automated, end-to-end solutions for deploying third-party software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Only pay for the infrastructure costs you incur.

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    Paid Pay by the hour for Oracle Cloud Marketplace software license; no long-term commitments. For small-scale Marketplace single application environments.

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    Fully automated, end-to-end Terraform templates to provision solutions quickly and reliably. For production-ready, enterprise grade deployments.

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    Containers coming soon Container-based application images certified to run on Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes. For microservices and cloud native deployments.

    You can achieve consistent and predictable SLAs for compute, network, and storage.

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    Integrated and Secure Integrates with Oracle Identity and Access Management IAMso you can define granular user permissions for creating and managing users who can view, list, and launch Oracle Cloud Marketplace solutions.

    Featured Partners.

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