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    About this book Introduction This abridged and revised edition of the original book Springer-Verlag Vienna, offers the only comprehensive history and documentation of the Vienna Circle based on new sources with an innovative historiographical approach to the study of science.

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    It analyses the dynamics of the Schlick-Circle in the intellectual context of "late enlightenment" including the minutes of the meetings from on for the first time published and presents an extensive description of the meetings and international Unity of Science conferences between and The chapters introduce the leading philosophers of the Schlick Circle e. The final chapter of this section describes the demise of the Vienna Circle and the forced exodus bekanntschaften regensburg scientists and intellectuals from Austria.

    The second part of the book includes a bio-bibliographical documentation of the Vienna Circle members and for the first time of the assassination of Moritz Schlick infollowed by an appendix comprising an extensive list of sources and literature.

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    Keywords K. Menger and his Mathematical Colloquium K. Popper and the Vienna Circle L.

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