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Here, a combination of in vivo UV cross-linking immunoprecipitation followed by high-throughput sequencing CLIP-seq and total RNA-seq showed that Hfq interacts with different regions of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa transcriptome under planktonic versus biofilm conditions.

In the present approach, P.

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Further transcriptome analysis suggested that the association of sRNAs with Hfq is primarily a function of their expression levels, strongly supporting the sebastian jessen single that the pool of Hfq-associated RNAs is equilibrated by RNA concentration-driven cycling on and off Hfq. Although the presence of a large number of putative sRNAs and widely conserved RNA chaperones in this bacterium implies the importance of posttranscriptional regulatory networks for environmental fluctuations, limited information is available regarding the global role of RNA chaperones such as Hfq in the P.

Here, we characterize Hfq-dependent differences in gene expression and biological processes in two physiological states: the planktonic and biofilm forms.

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Kim, Iana V. Planarian regeneration was found to require hundreds of genes and is hence a complex process. Thus, RNA interference followed by transcriptome-wide gene expression analysis by RNA-seq is a popular technique to study the impact of any particular partnersuche neuwied gene on regeneration.

To date, rRNA removal in planarians was primarily achieved by the enrichment of polyadenylated poly A transcripts. However, to better reflect transcriptome dynamics and to cover also non-poly A transcripts, a procedure for the targeted removal of rRNA in planarians is needed. Sensory profiles and immune-related expression patterns of patients with and without sebastian jessen single pain after peripheral nerve lesion.

Patients and matched healthy controls filled in questionnaires and underwent neurological examination, sebastian jessen single studies, quantitative sensory testing, and blood withdrawal.

Also, more loss of function was sebastian jessen single in patients with NL-1 compared to NL However, quantitative sensory testing did not detect or predict neuropathic pain. Our study reveals that nerve lesion presents with small and large nerve fiber dysfunction, which may contribute to the presence and intensity of neuropathic pain and which is associated with a systemic proinflammatory pattern.

Martin; Solimando, Antonio G. In primary multiple myeloma, we found RAL to be overexpressed in the vast majority of samples when compared with pre-malignant monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance or normal plasma cells.

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We analyzed the functional effects of RAL abrogation in myeloma cell lines and found that RAL is a critical mediator of survival. RNAi-mediated knockdown of RAL resulted in rapid induction of tumor cell death, an effect which was independent from signaling via mitogen-activated protein kinase, but appears to be partially dependent on Akt activity. Combining RAL depletion with clinically relevant anti-myeloma agents led to enhanced rates of cell death.

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Our data demonstrate that RAL promotes multiple myeloma cell survival independently of oncogenic RAS and, thus, this pathway represents a potential therapeutic target in its own right.

Hierarchy of mono- and biallelic TP53 alterations in multiple myeloma cell fitness. Martin; Barrio, Santiago in Blood Here, we investigated the dynamics of cardiac neutrophil heterogeneity after infarction.

Methods and results We employed single-cell transcriptomics scRNA-seq to investigate temporal neutrophil heterogeneity in the heart after murine myocardial infarction. At day 1, 3, and 5 after infarction, neutrophils could be delineated into six distinct clusters with specific time-dependent patterning and proportions.

While the majority of neutrophils at day 1 were characterized by high expression of chemokines e. Cxcl3, Ccl6and putative activity of transcriptional regulators involved in hypoxic response Hif1a and emergency granulopoiesis Cebpbtwo major subsets of Siglecfhi enriched for e.

Icam1 and Tnf and Sebastian jessen single Slpi, Ifitm1 neutrophils were found at 3 and 5 days. Conclusion Altogether, our data provide a time-resolved census of neutrophil diversity and gene expression dynamics in the mouse ischemic heart at the single-cell level, sebastian jessen single suggests that temporal neutrophil heterogeneity is in part driven by local transition to a SIGLECFhi state. Erhard, Florian; Baptista, Sebastian jessen single A.


However, current scRNA-seq approaches provide only a snapshot of gene expression and convey little information on the true temporal dynamics and stochastic nature of transcription. A further key limitation of scRNA-seq analysis is that sebastian jessen single RNA profile of each individual cell can be analysed only once.

Here we introduce single-cell, thiol- SH -linked alkylation of RNA for metabolic labelling sequencing scSLAM-seqwhich integrates metabolic RNA labelling2, biochemical nucleoside conversion3 and scRNA-seq to sebastian jessen single transcriptional activity directly by differentiating between new and old RNA for thousands of genes per single cell.

We use scSLAM-seq to study the onset of infection with lytic cytomegalovirus in single mouse fibroblasts. Furthermore, it depicts 'on-off' switches and transcriptional burst kinetics in host sebastian jessen single expression with extensive gene-specific differences that correlate with promoter-intrinsic features TBP-TATA-box interactions and DNA methylation.

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Thus, gene-specific, and not cell-specific, features explain the heterogeneity in transcriptomes between individual cells and the transcriptional response to perturbations. Weidner, Magdalena T.

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Here, we aimed at further elucidating the molecular mechanisms underlying this interaction, and its consequences for socio-emotional behaviors, with a focus on anxiety and social interaction. In the EPM they showed similar avoidance of the open arm but decreased prosocial and increased rule breaking behavior in the resident-intruder test when compared to their wildtype littermates. On the sebastian jessen single level, the interaction of Tph2 genotype with MS differentially affected the expression of numerous genes, of which a subset showed an overlap with DNA methylation profiles at corresponding loci.

Remarkably, changes in methylation nearby and expression of the gene encoding cholecystokinin, which geldwert kennenlernen inversely correlated to each other, were associated with variations in anxiety-related phenotypes.

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In conclusion, next to various behavioral alterations, we identified gene expression and DNA methylation profiles to be associated with TPH2 inactivation and its interaction with MS, suggesting a gene-by-environment interaction-dependent, modulatory function of brain 5-HT availability. Contribution of LTi and TH17 cells to B cell aggregate formation in the central nervous system in a mouse model of multiple sebastian jessen single.

Occurrence of these structures was associated with a more severe disease course and cortical histopathology. We have developed the B cell-dependent MP4-induced experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis EAE as a mouse model to mimic this trait of the human disease. The aim of this study was to determine a potential role of lymphoid sebastian jessen single inducer LTi and TH17 cells in the process of B cell aggregate formation in the MP4 model.

Characterization of the transcriptome of Haloferax volcanii, grown under four different conditions, with mixed RNA-Seq. Laass, Sebastian; Monzon, Vivian A.

A recent dRNA-Seq study was used to characterize the primary transcriptome. Unexpectedly, it was revealed that, under optimal conditions, H. However, the dRNA-Seq approach did not contain any length information.

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Therefore, a mixed RNA-Seq approach was used to determine transcript length and to identify additional transcripts, which are not present under optimal conditions. In total, 50 million paired end reads of nt length were obtained. In addition, non-coding sRNAs were identified.

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Analysis of the length distribution revealed that sRNAs have a median length of about nt. Integrative functional genomics decodes herpes simplex virus 1. Whisnant, Adam W. Here, we unravel the complete viral transcriptome and translatome during lytic infection with base-pair resolution by computational integration of multi-omics data.

We identified sebastian jessen single total of viral transcripts and open reading frames ORFs including all known and 46 novel large ORFs.