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Frequently asked questions re. Creative format: The creative special format covers items which are neither rectangular nor square in shape e. Creative format items must be sent in an envelope.

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The price is based on the size of the envelope. Bottle mail: Bottle mail may be sent as a letter item if the body of the bottle excluding neck is rectangular and flattened, and conforms to the minimum dimensions L: mm x W: 70mm. Flattened in this sense means that the body of the bottle is not round but flat e.

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The dimensions of the base jemanden durch jemanden kennenlernen englisch have a ratio ofi. Bottle mail items must be single taken post. Which dangerous items may be sent?

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Selected dangerous goods may be sent by mail. Information regarding the goods in question and further relevant considerations can be found in the following PDF The carriage of dangerous goods. Which additional services are available for mail items and postcards?

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Addresses How do I address a single taken post correctly? Addresses should be written flush left in a uniform font with even single taken post spacing.

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Lettering should be in dark ink on a light, monochrome background without borders or highlighting. The positioning of the address should allow for a border at least 15mm from the left, right and bottom edges, and a minimum single taken post of 40mm from the upper edge of the envelope. The full name of the destination country should be written in capital letters in German, French or Single taken post as the last line of the address.

More information is available at: Adressing international letters correctly How do Single taken post address direct mail correctly?

Configuring direct mail correctly — automatically processable mail items To ensure the rapid, secure and cost-effective sorting of mail items, it is important that items are compatible with automated processing and machine readable, and that the format of the address side is machine-compliant.

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For further information on the correct format for mail items and direct mail, please refer to the Automationsfähige Briefsendungen brochure on automatically processable mail items.

Should you wish, we can also verify that your items are compliant with automated processing. You will be provided with a certificate free of charge to confirm your direct mail or envelopes conform to Deutsche Post guidelines.

We can also provide recommendations on machine-compliant envelopes, paper and fonts. single taken post

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Our advisors are on hand to provide detailed information Mon. Or send us an e-mail: automationsfaehigebriefe deutschepost.

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Franking How can I save on postage when sending large volumes? Savings can be made on postage when sending letter items in large volumes.

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Single taken post Post offers various rate discounts depending on the type of item posted. This represents a percentage of the sales volume per business transaction and machine.